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Crisis faced by the horse racing

December 31, 2012

It has been quite a time that horse racing Canada has been into news because of the crisis upon them. It has surely shaken the very foundation of the horse racing business. It is said that the Ontario The us is the center of the horse racing, people direct their ways to Ontario every time they want their favorite horse or want to see their favorite race. Ontario comprises of one of the biggest stages of the horse racing industry just like the Fort Erie and the woodbine track but every day is like slowing down for the horse racing people, as the generation is moving one with quick paces, people are losing their interest in the horse racing as a sport and the way it is practiced in Canada, the roars of the woodbine are lowering in volume with every day passing.

These issues have been swirling for a while and people have been predicting the future of the horse racing industry these days that what would eventually happen, no doubt this is one of the biggest news of this year and one of the biggest change of order for the Canadian government and the people as well because no matter what ever you say this has become a serious issue because the horse racing industry has been paying the costa rica government 20 percent of their total earning through the year. The government invested buck 1 billion each month and in return it received $365 thousand yearly and these are pretty good statistics in terms for the government but these statistics have been fluctuating too much because which the government has been a bit upset.

There are about 600, 000 employees earning a living for the horse racing industry and these include the reproduction people, the cleaning people, the accountants and the other officials. These officials would have nowhere to go and they would be facing crisis too in their daily life, crisis in feeding their own families and getting another job. The terrible end of story is for the animal which have been bred this year and the prior year as well, there would be quite many and some are about to born, this great number of foals would have their lives and legacy shattered both alongside because horse racing Ontario would soon come to an immediate end and there won’t be any coming back for it.

horse racing canada Now that all leaders and potential leaders have been campaigning for at least a week, this is an excellent time to take stock and provide a status report on developments with this advocacy effort. To date, only two Liberal leadership candidates have taken public positions. More information visit at:


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